Cognitive Radio Technologies:
Services and Software for Intelligent Wireless Networks

CRT has extensive experience in the design and implementation of the cognitive
radio (CR) systems. CRT's CR system solution incorporates a general cognitive
engine software system which has been used to control all aspects of a radio’s
waveform and the link quality of service (QoS). The cognitive engine combines the
artificial intelligence and wireless communications to provide cognitive service
and performance optimization from physical to network layer.

The cognitive capabilities are enabled by the classical machine learning
techniques such as artificial neural networks, evolutionary algorithms and cased
based knowledge system.

Advanced signal processing algorithms have been designed and implemented to
enable the awareness of the wireless environment and performance optimization
across multiple communication layers.

Through a developed hardware independent radio interface the cognitive engine
has been ported to a variety of platforms such as GNU Radio and IRIS radio.

CRT's CR solution provides
  • wireless environment awareness from spectrum energy detection to
    specific waveform format decoding
  • application specific cognitive radio functionalities
  • radio resource management optimization
  • cross-platform algorithm porting and fast field deployment

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